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WCG Responsibility

Working to ensure our impact is the most positive it can be.

Where we're coming from...

WCG was formed in 2014.

We entered the personal supplement market with a mission to provide customers with affordable solutions to optimise their nutritional intake.

Fast-forward ’til now and our once-small business has flourished into a diverse range of beloved consumer brands spanning 200 countries and territories around the world.

With our renowned success, we swore to ensure the highest levels of integrity, service and social commitment. We vowed to always keep an ear to the ground and to never lose touch with our customers and the things that have meaning to them.

Pursuing positivity

We firmly believe that social responsibility is a noble cause, which is why we are constantly striving to make positive effects on those who work for us, the communities we operate in, and the planet we exist on.

Our Pillars

We’ve taken a 3-pillar approach to ensure the presence of Ward Commerce Group is overwhelmingly positive:

1. Community

Ward Commerce Group has a rich history of serving and engaging with the communities we operate in.

As a vanguard for positive impact, we’re committed to standing up to our responsibility to improve and support our global communities by pledging our time, money and effort towards them at every possible opportunity.

The WCG Foundation

As a market-leading company providing important consumer goods around the globe, we take our commitment to making the world a better place very seriously. 

To help us better serve the communities we exist with, we established the WCG Foundation for all our charitable pursuits and objectives.

The WCG Foundation aims to use the pledged funding to support environmental enhancement, educational support for those most vulnerable and marginalised, and diversity & human rights awareness-raising activities.

2. Conservation

Our commitment to protecting and conserving the environment is one of our highest priorities.

To help reduce our carbon footprint we always prioritise sustainable business practices as a matter of highest regard. Furthermore, we always aim to optimise and improve our business practices to reduce wastage.

To further offset our carbon impact, at the end of every quarter, we plant trees! By partnering with trusted vendors, all of our trees are planted in the Global South.

Manufacturing responsibly

As we deal in direct-to-consumer goods, we acknowledge that our business manufacturers a huge amount of product annually.

Our commitment to manufacturing responsibly continues to be at the forefront of our production efforts.

All manufacturing processes by, or on behalf of, Ward Commerce Group must minimise the adverse impact on the environment and the communities in the immediate vicinity.

3. Responsible Sourcing

As business leaders, we strive to lead by example when it comes to combining corporate responsibility with innovative business conduct.

We fully acknowledge that responsibly sourcing the materials required to produce our goods is of critical importance.

WCG production partners and their respective supply chains are required to conduct their operations and manufacturing processes in accordance with our values on responsible sourcing of production materials.

Furthermore, manufacturers producing product(s) for WCG must enquire they uphold the rights of their workers and ensure stellar working conditions.

Our factory selection process

WCG considers a multitude of factors when it comes to selecting production partners. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Output capabilities
  • Location
  • Reputation
  • Worker-conditions
  • History of compliance with anti-slavery and child labour laws

We acknowledge that selecting new factory partners can sometimes be a delicate issue, especially considering geopolitical situations, however, our appointed board members will always err on the side of caution and ultimately do what’s right.

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