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Covid 19 virus

Protecting our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Written by: Ward Commerce Group
Published: April 6, 2020

With the unprecedented occurrence of COVID-19 this year, the whole world seems to have been knocked out of rhythm.

Everyone at WCG is sending their best wishes and support to anyone who’s been affected by this tragic pandemic.

While these times are indeed tough, we still press on. Now more than ever, have our products such as vitamins and minerals been of critical importance in times when ensuring a strong immune system is the advice of healthcare professionals across the globe.

As we continue with our work, we are doing the utmost to stop the spread of coronavirus and protect those who work for us.

Firstly, all our staff who are able to work from home have been advised to do so until further notice – all WCG offices are off-limits. Our staff have been provided with Zoom and Microsoft Teams training, to allow them to digitally converse from the safety of their own home until such a time when we’re confident enough we can reopen our offices without putting anyone’s health in jeopardy.

Secondly, staff who are still coming into our work premises (such as our manufacturing and distribution team members) are advised to remain 2 metres apart and are provided complimentary masks, goggles and visors which must be worn at all times. In addition to this, hand sanitising stations have been installed across our entire site. Anyone experiencing Covid-like symptoms must remain at home and self-isolate for 14 days.

Additionally, we’re furloughing members of staff who are unable to perform their work duties at all due to the lockdown rules.

While we’re hoping this pandemic and lockdown is short-lived, we must remain vigilant and do everything we can to do our part and stop the spread.

Ward Commerce Group chief executive officer Gary Ward made the following statement:

Our aim is to ensure that both the company and our employees escape the Covid-19 pandemic in one piece. We absolutely cannot risk anyone getting sick, which is why the measures taken under the guidance of the UK government have been swift and without compromise.

Our management team is also working round the clock to ensure WCG is able to continue operations and keep our distribution output as high as ever. We want our staff to have a job to return to once this is all over!

The Ward Commerce Group management team is continually monitoring the situation as it unfolds, and we remain optimistic about our future plans.

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