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Announcing our Cycle-to-Work scheme

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Written by: Ward Commerce Group
Published: May 8, 2018

We’re making it easier than ever to cycle to work! WCG is proud to announce that we’re launched a cycle-to-work scheme for our employees, to both benefit them financially and physically.

This new voluntary scheme comes as part of our plan to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as look out for the health and wellness of our team members.

Starting Monday, our scheme will be offered to all full and part-time WCG employees; the offer to purchase a brand-new bike will be paid off over a 24-month period with small deductions from the employee’s monthly pay slip, pre-tax.

With the ever-growing popularity of cycling, public roads are becoming much more cyclist-friendly, and inner city cycling is taking off like never before. This means our employees can cycle to work safely, save money, and improve their physical health too.

We encourage any employee looking to take advantage of this to speak with their supervisor, who’ll further advise them on the next steps.

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